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All lightboxes are equipped with the best LED-lighting

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We can finish the frame any style you like. Anodised aluminum or beautiful matte black.

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The Photolightbox combines lighting and art

The Photolightbox combines the best of both worlds: stylish, full-spectrum lighting and the finest designs or photo's.
Don't you have a photolightbox yet? Then it's about time to get yourself one!

The prints are produced in an inventive process. The lightboxes are made of high-grade anodised aluminium and fitted with beautiful and energy-saving LED-lighting

High quality, great prices

Width Height Price
15.7 inch 15.7 inch 399,- Now only 299,-
19.7 inch 27.6 inch 449,- Now only 349,-
27.6 inch 19.7 inch 449,- Now only 349,-
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From Holland with love

We produce this product with a lot of care and joy in the Netherlands. All materials are high quality, the print is specially produces in a lightbox-designated process, which makes it really stand out in both day and night!

Additionally, you can order your lightbox to be fitted with Philips Hue. This allows you to set your lightbox to every color you can imagine, to suit to your mood.